Episode 1: Demystifying digital business transformation

Last year, I had the privilege of connecting with board members from PE and family-run businesses. Through these insightful conversations, I discovered a common thread: the challenges faced in navigating digital business transformation journeys.

The biggest hurdle? Often, it's ensuring board members and executives have the right information for constructive discussions with transformation leadership.

That's why I'm excited to announce a nine-week video series designed as a "primer" for these crucial conversations around these themes:

1. Demystifying digital business transformation
2. Co-creating value with your customers
3. Building a digital growth mindset culture
4. The power of data strategy
5. Thriving in a disruptive landscape
6. Finding the right CDO for your transformation
7. AI: Your digital business transformation ally
8. Vision, purpose & strategy: fuelling your digital journey
9. Maximizing your success rate: simple but often overlooked aspects