Digital business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation

All successful business transformations have digital elements woven into three main aspects working together in symbiosis:

  • Client Facing Aspect
  • Organisation Facing Aspect
  • Data Driven Aspect

Just as every transformation vision is uniquely bespoke to address specific opportunities within an organisation, the approach to digital business transformation needs to be tailored to meet considerations such as:

  • Growth Strategy Alignment
  • Time to Market
  • Risk Appetite & Levels of Certainty
  • Data Maturity
  • Organisational Culture, People & Processes
  • Client Facing Value Creation via Products, Services and Experiences

Menghrani GmbH’s global experience with multi-year Digital Business Transformation programmes has resulted in successfully driving industry giants and SMEs through the key stages of transition and transformation.

Traditional business transformation approaches demand a multi-year commitment at inception resulting in an 87% chance of failure. Menghrani GmbH has adopted a highly scalable, bespoke approach that continually appraises and executes through short, measurable cycles that discover, accelerate and scale/imbed opportunities in parallel. This approach allows us to rapidly test multiple ideas and prototypes, pivoting as we progress in line with regulated feedback loops. The end result are solutions that have passed robust due diligence before committing to a solution rather than building a business case around an opportunity that does not address an issue, and committing to a pilot/prototype that will not be able to pivot when external circumstances suddenly change (Covid and the emergence of generative AI are two perfect examples).

The end result is an organisation that has embraced a growth-mindset through:

  • Strong Leadership and Commitment
  • Clear Strategy and Goals that can pivot whilst still remaining true to the vision
  • Engaged and Empowered Workforce, encouraged to contribute to dynamic, client focussed teams rather than cumbersome silos
  • Agile and Adaptive Mindset
  • Customer-centric Approach
  • Robust data driven IT Infrastructure and Technology Stack
  • Continuous Monitoring and Course Correction
  • Collaborative External Partnerships