Menghrani GmbH is part of a network of seasoned professionals that are matched precisely to the needs of the assignment. The result is a bespoke, experienced team of professionals who deliver quality without incurring the costs of the learning curve.

Asif Menghrani


Asif Menghrani is a seasoned Non-Executive Director (NED) and Digital Business Transformation Leader with a successful track record spanning over three decades in highly regulated environments. With a career that has taken him across Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and the USA managing multi-faceted teams across cultures, Asif possesses a unique ability to comprehend and address the strategic growth aspirations of his clients. Asif places significant emphasis on mentorship. He encourages professionals to develop not only their skills but also their values and qualities.

Kathrin Morlock

Organisational Development Expert

With over twenty years in various global leadership positions within Live Marketing, Kathrin has experienced and driven all aspects of organisational development. A true believer that diversity is the key to all aspects of change, she knows the only constant is transformation itself. Passionate about designing corporate cultures, Kathrin is on a mission to support companies in establishing a growth mindset that enables them to succeed in the face of evolving challenges.

Philipp Klett

Data Strategist

Philipp is an experienced empathetic data leader, easily liaising with decision makers to raise the value of corporate data. He is a thought leader with over twenty years of international experience in different aspects of digital business transformation focussing on data strategy, data management, AI and the utilisation of (data) design thinking and user centred design. The result is a transformation leader adept at establishing data literacy, data driven digital processes and innovation for his clients.