Episode 8: Charting Your Course - Vision, Purpose & Strategy in Digital Transformation

Episode 8: Charting Your Course: Vision, Purpose & Strategy in Digital Transformation

Remember our in-depth discussions on core concepts, customer focus, growth mindset, data strategy, navigating disruption, choosing the right CDO, and harnessing AI? In this video we align your vision, purpose, and strategy to guide your digital transformation ship to success.

This episode will equip you information to discuss:

  • The importance of crafting a compelling vision for your digital future
  • Understanding the relationship between, and need for a vision, strategy and value proposition to validate your journey
  • Developing a clear and actionable digital transformation roadmap

Whether you're refining your existing approach or charting a new course, this episode will help you ensure your entire team is aligned and empowered on your digital transformation journey.

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One final episode remains! Stay tuned for the series finale, packed with even more valuable insights to optimize your digital transformation journey.